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TJC Mango is the world’s biggest, juiciest mango! The average weight of a fruit is 600g but fruit weighing over one kg are not uncommon.

TJC Mango is a beautiful golden orange fruit with an unblemished skin.  It has excellent flavor, low fibre content and smooth flesh.  The small seed means there is more flesh to eat.  The fruit ripens slowly giving time for the produce to reach the market.

Nestled between the foothills of the central hills and ancient tank country of Sri Lanka, The mango is grown in the Dambewatana region of the North Central Province.  The region has excellent red loamy soil and fine weather conditions to bring out the wonder fully unique flavor of the TJC Mango.

The first generation was introduced to Sri Lanka perhaps from Australia, Florida or Malaysia. Introduction might have been during late eighties. The TomEJC emerged as a new variety among the collection of many local and introduced mango varieties.   The TomEJC or TJC Mango received formal recognition from the Department of Agriculture in 2003 and is now a recommended variety for the Dry & intermediate Zones of Sri Lanka.

Rajarata Farm’s large scale planting of mango was initially confined to the popular variety recommended by the Dept of Agriculture, namely Karthakolomban or KC. Small extents of other local and introduced varieties were also planted.  Under similar management practices, it has been proven that TJC is superior to KC in relation to time taken for maturity, flowering habits, production per tree, fruit quality, resistance to pests and diseases and acceptance by the export market.