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Organic Liquid Fertilizers
Organic liquid fertilizers are most active agents in organic cultivation. We introduce the liquid fertilizers for plant growing , flowering and high yield from cultivation. Not include with the any chemical agents or poisons in this liquids and this is t
Compost Fertilizer
We introduce the high quality compost fertilizer for our 100% organic cultivation projects. Manufacturing by our factory using the 100% organic materials. We are using the Cow dung , Glidisidiya ,Poultry manure, Coir dust ,Paddy husk ,Dolomite ,ERP /Epp
Special Fertilizer Mixture For Coconut
Special organic coconut fertilizer mixture also 100% organic and rich in K+ irons. It's helps to increased the coconut harvest. Main action of this coconut fertilizer *Good quality and highest coconut harvest in every season. *Resistance for the dise